Sunday, April 4, 2010

Photo-Studio by Rainer Elstermann


‘Photo-Studio’ is a new solo exhibition by photographer Rainer Elstermann at the ARTITLED! gallery in The Netherlands. The exhibit opens on Easter Monday, April 5, and runs through May 16, 2010.



Elstermann tells us, “The series is about a fictional photo-studio.  It is based on African photographers from the 1960's and 70's, like Samuel Fosso and Malick Sidibe. They opened Photo-Studios (partly being emigrants),  and took pictures of themselves (to send back to their families in hometown countries to show them how well they were doing) or other people to celebrate the beginning (sexual and cultural) liberties at that time, at that place.”



The series is accompanied by a text of fiction written by Rainer Elstermann and a 17 min. film that will be shown at the exhibit.



Shot in 2009 and 2010, the series is a collaboration with Elstermann’s partner Andreas Stamm, who did the clothes and interior design. The hair and makeup was done by Elmar Weppel.



The featured models are Abel, Florence, Giovanna, Gregory, Junior, Keycha, Lillian, Marvin, Nikeata, Oumi, Ruby, Sahr, Stephen, and Twum.



+ special thanks to Rainer Elstermann for the images and information

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Davidikus said...

This is a very good series. The first background (greys with whites) is so good that it almot steals the show. There is a lot of balance in those pictures. I really like them.