Saturday, November 30, 2013

Edward Wilding by Greg Swales | Narcissus

British model Edward Wilding at New York Model Management is photographed by Greg Swales and styled by Ryan Davis in the story 'Narcissus' for the fourth issue of LAB A4, with grooming by Jenny Kanavaro.

Warren by Cody Kinsfather | In The Bedroom

Dusty St. Amand by Joel Endemano

Clancy Sigalet by Gerard Yunker

Clancy Sigalet at Mode Models is photographed by Gerard Yunker in a new test shoot, with styling by Leah Van Loon and grooming by Teslin Ward.

Blackout by Mark Seliger | Details

The November 2013 issue of Details magazine shows that you can not go wrong with black in the story 'Blackout', photographed by Mark Seliger and styled by Benjamin Sturgill. The editorial features models Aaron Vernon, Abel Van Oeveren, Miles Langford, Matt Clunan, Tarik Lakehal, Tino Thielens, Janis Ancens, Travis Smith, Arthur Daniyarov, Ian Mellencamp, Ronald Epps, Norman Theuerkorn, Ian Jones, Chris Garcia, Eli Hall, Aleks Rastovic, Tommaso de Benedictis and Laurie Harding.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Kent Henderson by Steve Marais | Devotion

South African model Kent Henderson at Ice Models is photographed by Steve Marais in the story 'Devotion' for the eighth issue of Gaschette magazine, with hair and makeup by Alexandra Botha.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Going Home by Tom Selmon

Robert Hope and Alexander Graham are photographed by Tom Selmon in the story 'Going Home', with styling by Scarlett Casciello and Tom Selmon, makeup by Tom Selmon, and assistance by Sradha Garbuja, Scarlett Casciello and Rae Payne. (Note: frontal nudity ahead)

Matt Giesler by Ashton Do

South African model Matt Giesler at Soul Artist Management by Ashton Do

Benedikt Angerer by Konstantin Reyer

Marlon Teixeira by Tom Munro | Against His Skin

Marlon Teixeira and Josephine Skriver are photographed by Tom Munro and styled by George Cortina in the racy story 'Contre Sa Peau (Against His Skin)' for the third issue of Lui magazine, with makeup by Frankie Boyd.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gabin Fueyo by Sylvain Norget | French Disorder

In Bed with Baptiste Giabiconi by Peter Rigaud | Stern

French model Baptiste Giabiconi is photographed by Peter Rigaud for German magazine, Stern.

Persona by Gordon von Steiner | 25

Gordon von Steiner directed this fantastic short film 'Persona' for the new issue of 25 magazine, starring Edita Vilkeviciute alongside male models Caio Cesar and Leo Eller. The film is styled by Karen Kaiser with hair by Akki, makeup by Frankie Boyd and set design by Daniel Graff.

Glad Homem by Junior Franch

Photographer Junior Franch captured Brazilian twins Marcelo & Matheus Paiva, Renan Cristo, João Paulo Damazio and Lucas Brito in an underwear story for Glad Homem magazine, with styling by Marco Negry and Alexandre Píva.

Florian Neuville & Jan Aeberhard by Eli Schmidt | WWD

Florian Neuville and Jan Aeberhard at New York Model Management are photographed by Eli Schmidt and styled by Alex Badia in the story 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' for WWD, with grooming by Andy Starkweather.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jon Gomez by Joan Crisol | Exclusive

Following the first taste, here's the second dose of Spanish model Jon Gomez by Joan Crisol, exclusively on Homotography.

David Hallberg & Chris Wheeldon by Danielle Levitt | OUT

Ballet dancer David Hallberg and choreographer Chris Wheeldon are photographed by Danielle Levitt for the December 2013/January 2014 'OUT100' issue of OUT magazine.

Rafael, Guy & Taejahn by Vincent Dilio

Re:Quest models Rafael Perez, Guy Lublechik and Taejahn Taylor are photographed by Vincent Dilio in a new go see.

Matthew Bell & Dylan River by SATY + PRATHA

Photographers SATY + PRATHA take inspiration from 1990s up-and-coming actors Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ethan Hawke and playwrite Tony Kushner in their new story for Optology magazine. The editorial features models Matthew Bell and Dylan River, styled by Ian Bradley and groomed by Amber Duarte. The featured fashion includes pieces by Duckie Brown, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Shipley & Halmos, Tim Coppens, Gents, Assembly, Grand Street Bakery, vintage Levi's, Onassis, vintage Margiela, General Idea, New Balance, Cheap Monday, Officine Generale, and Rochambeau.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Maxime by Mado Faki

French model Maxime is photographed by Mado Faki at Cabo Verde - Sal island, Salt Lakes.

Marek Novak by The W | Show Off

Czech model Marek Novak at Scouteen is photographed by The W and styled by Michael Kováčik in the story 'Show Off'. The editorial features pieces by Calvin Klein, Dope, Adidas, Boy London, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Address Idea, Diesel and Nike.

Sam Claflin by Brett Lloyd

British actor Sam Claflin is photographed by Brett Lloyd and styled by Andrew Davis for the November 2013 issue of Interview magazine.

Austin Zenere by Rodolfo Martinez

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

John Mohar by Stefano Bidini & Simone Carnesalli | David

Slovenian model John Mohar at Immortal Model Management is photographed by Stefano Bidini and Simone Carnesalli in the underwear story 'Mr. John' for David magazine, with styling by Ivan Rasic and hair & makeup by Rocco Santamorena.

Chiel Konings by Dale Grant | In The Boxers

Dutch model Chiel Konings is photographed by Dale Grant in the underwear and coats story 'In The Boxers' for the 58th issue of Winq magazine. Chiel is groomed by Clayton Leslie and styled by Juan Velazquez Caceres in pieces from Muchachomalo*, Hugo Boss, Sjaak Hullekes, Jeroen van Tuyl, Francisco van Benthum, Avelon, Aziz Bekkaoui.

Steve Grand & Thom Browne by Danielle Levitt | OUT

American singer Steve Grand and fashion designer Thom Browne are photographed by Danielle Levitt for the December 2013/January 2014 'OUT100' issue of OUT magazine.

Francois Sagat x Charlie by Matthew Zink

The one and only Francois Sagat photographed himself wearing pieces from Charlie by Matthew Zink 2014 resort collection.

martin by in love with n.