Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PREMIER: Marco Blaze Plays Non-Rated 'Games' with Justino Esteves


Homotography is extremely pleased to bring you the world premier of an ambitious collaboration between emerging creative force NON-RATED and photographer Justino Esteves featuring Titan exclusive porn star Marco Blaze. Thanks to Jay Wilson for choosing Homotography to unveil the final edits of the project's images. These are some of the images, an appetizer...

‘Games’ features Titan exclusive star Marco Blaze playing a mundane business man who at day plays the role of lawyer, but at night lives out his fantasy of being a joker... This is his hidden secret...His turn-on...His truth.... "is this his game? Or is it merely the game he plays ?"..

According to creative director Jay Wilson, Non-Rated is a visual exploration of international subcultures, lifestyles and the internet. It is a cross between fashion, sex, hidden cultures and life! Not-Rated’s mission is to expose the unexposed.

click for uncensored image

click to see uncensored image

The creative team who played ‘Games’

Justino Esteves: photographer
Marco Blaze: (super hot) model
Jay Wilson: creative direction
Kerrieann Murphy
: artistic direction

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mau said...

is so muuch hot
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