Monday, March 16, 2009

Bringing The Hotness With Gandy, Neff, RJ & More


In addition to featuring a host of young and fresh models (see Part 1 & Part 2), Vman also brought in the big guns for their ‘Spring Scenes’ feature in the Spring-Summer 2009 issue.  Here we have David Gandy by Viviane Sassen, Jon Kortajarena by  Xevi Muntane,  Brad Kroenig by Matt Irwin, Garrett Neff by Patrik Sehlstedt, Gabriel Aubry by Ellen Von Unwerth, Will Chalker by KT Auleta and RJ by Bruce Weber.



"Here, I was playing a tough guy with an attitude. It's not me, but it's fun to play for the pictures," Brad Kroenig of the below image.



“The shot with the shoe was quite painful since the shoe was too small. It took me about thirty minutes to put on, and I kept it on for about thirty seconds before almost fainting,” Gabriel explains the price he had to pay for the beautiful image below.



“Bruce found this Roy Orbison album cover and said he thought of me when he saw it,” explains RJ of the above image. “We both thought it was beautiful. The emotion and energy put into the shot was one of lost love, a raw longing for what is true and real in one’s life and art.”



“The desert was littered with Joshua trees, which are these odd shapes. Other than the power lines way overhead, there was not a whole lot to recognize as civilization. It was like another planet,” Garrett describes the location of the shoot for the below image.



+ see Part 1 & Part 2 of Spring Scenes & hit labels below for models & photographers


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