Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kortajarena & Russo Play More Games 4 Brian Atwood


Wow, I thought the first images we saw of Rene Russo and Jon Kortajarena in the new Brian Atwood photo shoot by Tony Duran were as kinky and steamy as it would get, but I was thankfully mistaken. It turned out that the photos were actually from an exclusive book entitled ‘Role Play Rene’ by Atwood & Duran that celebrates the beauty of the 55 year old actress (and former model) with the new Atwood Spring 2009 collection. Here are more scandalous images that include a nude Jon getting his beautiful butt abused by the pointy heels of Rene. And the mystery



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Anonymous said...

That is Rene Russo?? Believe it or not she is in her 50's now!! She still looks great!!

Anonymous said...

That shoot is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

That shoot is so smoking hot! Thanks for posting