Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Angels Watching People Do It!



Let’s see what we have here: two sexy guys having sex. Cool. Wait… there’s an Angel watching them. What the fuck?!?



Easy tiger, it’s the latest safe sex campaign ‘AIDS Hilfe Wien’ in Austria. When you wear a condom, it’s like the angels watching over you and protecting you. ok? The ads were photographed by Oliver Gast for ad agency PKP with art direction by Daniela Reichmann and creative direction by Roman Sindelar & Erich Enzenberger.


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Unknown said...

thank you for featuring this campaign - there is also a facebook page (in german - look for 'sch├╝tzt'). if you like high resolution pictures to post it on blogs to spread the (so important) message, go to http://ftp.pkp.at and login with: schutzengel_schuetzt and password: leider_nicht - thanks for your support!