Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Asher Levine Fall/Winter 2010-11


The Fall/Winter 2010-2011 menswear collection by Florida-native NYC-based fashion designer Asher Levine is set to be available at OakNYC this coming September. I was intrigued by its campaign images, but little did I know that it involved relics, placentas and dissections. Enjoy the images, a film (featuring an exclusive track by Dangerous Muse), and insights from Asher himself about the inspiration for this collection.



“I derive my influences through feelings made from visual "shocks" to produce an emotion, that in turn, influence my craft,” Asher Levine explained to Homotography. “I find images that produce wildly variant emotions - gruesome, awe, joy. A few of these photographs from my fall collection include a 400x magnification of melanoma in an eye, a goat placenta, Papua New Guinea relics, and my favorite, scientists dissecting an adolescent whale in their laboratory.”



Asher continues, “The connection is the feeling I get when I see these images and it manifests itself in my clothing. We can find beauty in the shocking and it is challenging to create sensual clothes from these influences, but the challenge is my sustenance.”





The campaign is photographed by David Bechtel, art directed by Char Alfonzo and styled by Sah D'Simone and Johnny Ducoin, with model Mikhael Ayoub.


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