Sunday, February 20, 2011

Charlie by Matthew Zink, Calling The 70s Angels



If you picked up the new March issue of American Vogue to see Lady GaGa by Mario Testino, you probably noticed the profile of new swimwear label Charlie by Matthew Zink. Inspired by the 1970s, Charlie offers classically sexy swimwear for both men and women. Here's a look at some of Charlie's resort & spring 2011 designs featuring models Alex Geerman [Major] and Adriana Cernanova [Ford], photographed by Seth Hutchinson.



Matthew Zink told American Vogue of his inspiration for the collection, "People say the seventies are coming back, but for me they never left, and I think the name Charlie embodies the sensual androgyny of the time. I may have been born in the eighties, but there is a confidence and joy about that era that I find endlessly alluring."



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Richard said...

a bitch? perhaps. but, isn't it ridiculously silly that people send you notes to promote their wares and then they don't even have their act together?? maybe, charlie has possibly appealing beachwear, but in going to one of their "stores" today -- no show, barney's was clueless it seems, yet, even the website was not even ready or loaded with spring rapidly approaching (and already the case in southern florida and other parts of the country) -- isn't marketing hilariously sloppy and gutteral in many cases?? ciao.

charliebymz said...

Hi Richard,

We are terribly sorry you've had such an unsuccessful experience with our Men's Collection. Unfortunately, right now we don't have many stores with our Mens Collection. However, we currently have stock in almost all the styles from Resort and Spring. If you contact our director of sales, Raquel, at she will be happy to arrange the direct sale of any style you are interested in. Again, we apologize for any disappointment and hope that you can understand our current situation.

Respectfully yours, Matthew Zink.