Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flying Underwear With Acne Spring/Summer 2009


The brilliant Swedish creative force  Acne have come up with an unusual Spring/Summer 2009 campaign that fits their hip Acne Underwear line. Instead of a normal ad campaign, they have collaborated with British artist Richard Brandon Cox on this short film where model Jamie Jewitt is jumping and posing in the air while wearing different pieces from the Acne Underwear line. Do not be alarmed by the missing sound, the promotional film is intended to have no sound (I personally recommend you play a nice song while watching Jamie jump up and down for your pleasure).




And as a bonus, here is the video for their recent Fall/Winter 2008 campaign which had the model (Freddie Stroma, who stars in the new film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) dancing, again with no sound. I highly recommend watching it, it gets really entertaining after the first couple minutes.




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Unknown said...

I don't understand how acne and underwear relate to each other... Even a mention of California Muscle doesn't come close to the discussion of skin impurities.

Anonymous said...

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Oes Tsetnoc