Saturday, May 30, 2009

Facial Hair & Gender Bending by Armin Morbach in Tush



I was charmed by Tush magazine ever since I saw the cortchvertising editorial which paired watches with crotches. However, they rarely run male editorials, which is why I am excited that their new issue #16 has a couple of them. Photographer Armin Morbach (who also did that cheeky watch editorial) keeps his sense of humor in this one ‘Pret-A-Bartes.’ It gives you all the facial hair styles you could desire; from a budding stache to a full Bin Laden beard. The model is Luis, with Karim Amerchih doing the hair and make-up.


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The three images below are also by Armin Morbach from the feature ‘Gender Bender’ with model Sebastian Simon. You can see the three gender-bending covers of this issue here.


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neha said...

OMG thats really funny