Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photography Spotlight :: Daniel van Flymen


Photographing his friends as he documents his travels all around the world, the spirit of the images of photographer Daniel van Flymen reminds me of  Ryan McGinely’s early work. Spontaneous and unpretentious, the naturally-lit work of the 24 year-old possesses a romantic quality that is often missing in the over-processed and Photoshopped world.



“As far as performance goes, nothing is to be staged in my art: A moment is documented for what it is, selectively chosen to best represent the mood or the beauty apparent that manifested,” explained Daniel to Homotography about his photography style.



“To put some things out in the open; sexual orientation is never precise; my actors/models are usually friends of mine,” Daniel told us of his models and inspiration. “I'm certain that attraction lies in proportions—they can be applied to time, angles, situations, music, features, personalities etc.; I'm deeply opposed to things that don't have thought behind them—aesthetics only seem meaningful to me if they are a beautiful representation/documentation of a concept/thought.”



When we asked him about the photo-diary part of his website, Daniel explained that it “documents my encounters with people in various cities who I think are beautiful or meaningful in some way or another. It is good for me because it helps give my art legitimacy.”



“I backpack and couch-surf most of the time since I left South Africa in 2008,” Daniel tells Homotography. “I serve tables, assist or bartend where I can to support my arts. I have a backlog of lots of film that needs to be developed when I can afford to do so to add to the diary.”



We thank Daniel van Flymen for the images and the info, and we look forward to seeing his new work. Make sure to check out Daniel’s recent interview feature with our friends over at Charmants and ACDG.



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