Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Marlon Teixeira by Doug Inglish :: Hercules


After presenting some of the outtakes from the Marlon Teixeira by Doug Inglish shoot, we bring you the official editorial ‘Dressing in the Dark’, which appears in the current Fall/Winter issue no. 007 of the fantastic Hercules mag.



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Matthias said...

those are great!

Kenn said...

I didn't realize that you were doing a 2009 retrospective! I still like them as much as when they first came out! Happy 2010!

Homotography said...

I agree Matthias, its fantastic when both the photographer & model are great.

Happy 2010 Kenn. I'm not doing a retrospective, this is from the current issue, which was out a couple months ago only, you make it sound like its ancient, lol. I wait till I can get quality clean images rather than poorly scanned ones, even if it means waiting a couple months, in the end, the images matters, not its date.