Tuesday, November 2, 2010

VMAN’s Model Citizens, Second Round



Top row, from left: Junior Arruda, Felipe Anibal, William Prazeres, David Chaloub, Savane Gonzalez, Paulo Leroy, Ricardo Figueiredo, Pablo Morais, Gabriel Heckler, Bernardo Velasco, Daniel Broitman. Bottom row, from left: Ramon Durr, Leonardo Frosi, Weder Wilham, Pedro Luiz, Raphael Lacchine, all at 40 Graus, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photohraphy by Vicente de Paulo and styling (???) by Felipe Veloso.


Following our earlier look, we bring you the rest of the Model Citizens portraits from the new International Issue of VMAN. Click to enlarge and continue for more after the jump.



From Left: Alexander Johansson, Timmi Radicke, Joakim Clausen, Christopher Sylvest, Christian Hald, Louise Pedersen, Adrian Bosch, Jonas Kloch, Jakob Hybholt, River Viiperi, James Smith, Cesar Casier, Rali Bara, all at 2PM models in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photography by Krzysztof Herholdt and styling by Bjarne Lindgren.



Top row, from left: Rori Mitchell, Rainer Boucard, Wayne Taylor, Creing Wittingham. Bottom row, from left: Casmar James, Kimali Morgan, Brad Allen, Orlando Lopez, all at Saint International in Kingston, Jamaica. Photography by William Richards and styling by Dexter Huxtable.



From Left: Pierre Khun, Eric Bester, Tommy Morake, Ryan Vietri, Richard Boilter, Khano, Jovan Jackson, all at Boss Models in Cape Town, South Africa. Photography by Misha Taylor and styling by Chrisna De Bruyn


Now that we’ve seen them all (see first part), my favorite is 2PM models by Krzysztof Herholdt (second image in this post) and even though it has 16 naked male models, my least favorite from this series is 40 Graus by Vicente de Paulo (first image in this post).


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