Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Naked Talent | Spotlight by Sam Scott Schiavo



The new second issue of Out There magazine features a Spotlight series of nude portraits by Sam Scott Schiavo. The featured multi-talented Stella models are ‘The Artist’ Arthur Z., ‘The Boxer’  Patrick Hollensteiner and ‘The Musician’ Stephan C.



Dubbed the Beauty Issue, the new volume of Out There magazine features performance artiste Joey Arias by Minh Ngo on the cover.



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Richard said...

isn't it some color of joey arias and others that would be far more suited to presenting the variance in queer beyond parochial limitations of ingratitude. but, i loved the video on syria -- just as if paul had actually done something with stigmata after his experience on the road to damascus. yet, i loved the visuals and sound on syria. happy new year in 2011.