Saturday, June 2, 2012

Transformer by Roger Deckker | Zoo

The new Summer 2012 issue no. 35 of Zoo magazine features the story 'Transformer' by photographer Roger Deckker with models Otto Pierce, Angus Low, John Todd, Conrad Leadley, Kameron Zane, Iain Wallace, Ian Bradley, Xoan Fernandez, James Cater, Kennedy Carter, Jake Bass, Grace Bol, Laura McCone, Marzia Aloisi, and Celia Rowlson-Hall.

(Note: racy images ahead)

Stylist: James Valeri | Hair: Ayumi Yamamoto @ Defacto | Makeup: William Murphy @ Joe Management | Photographer’s Assistant: Paolo Di Lucente | Stylist’s Assistants: Alison Mazur, Amanda Salane and Gabriela Ramirez | Casting Director: Edward Kim @ The Edit Desk

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