Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ada + Nik Spring/Summer 2014

Designer Ada Zanditon and fashion creative Nik Thakkar collaborated on new menswear brand Ada + Nik, which will showcase its 'Greco-Roman Punk' inspired Spring/Summer 2014 debut capsule collection of ten unique pieces at this season's London Collections: Men. We are introduced to the world of Ada + Nik with a campaign directed by Thomas Knights under the creative and art direction of Nik Thakkar. The campaign features Aiden Shaw, Tyler Maher, Andreas Eriksen, Carter Farley and Zara Martin.


Creative and art direction: Nik Thakkar 

Director: Thomas Knights 

Fashion: Ada + Nik SS14 by Ada Zanditon and Nik Thakkar 

Starring: Supermodel and icon Aiden Shaw (Success Models) and model, actress and presenter Zara Martin (Storm) alongside Carter Farley, Andreas Eriksen and Tyler Maher from PRM 

Music: LST CTRL by Zebra Katz (DRKLNG EP) 

Special thanks: Snow Queen Vodka and Philips 

The story: 'Set in the heavens of the Greek Gods, three self involved narcissistic soldiers (wearing Ada + Nik swimwear) gaze at their own reflection in a pool of water listening to music (by Zebra Katz) on their Philips Fidelio M1s. The Snow Queen played by actress, model and presenter Zara Martin enters – practically floating on the clouds as she approaches the throne she summons a gift of Snow Queen Vodka from earth. She hands the bottle to The Snake King played by the inimitable Aiden Shaw and the snake “Cornflake”. Zara hisses, the boys then appear as if by magic in front of the throne – fully clothed in Ada + Nik. They then begin to gift their clothes to the King and Queen and fight each other for the clothes until one of the boys is left naked and alone.'

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