Monday, October 21, 2013

Hey Boy, Hey Girl! by Benjamin Lennox

The recent Summer 2013 issue of i-D Magazine features the story 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Superstar DJ Here We Go!', photographed by Benjamin Lennox and styled by Matthew Josephs with hair by Alex Brownsell, makeup by Daniel Sallstrom and set design by Georgina Pragnell. The story features Victoria Higgs, Sharna Osborne, Hermes Cevera, Yasmina Dexter, Paolo Zagoreo, Leopold Duchemin, Reba Maybury, Jess Maybury, Joel Palmer, Nate Chin-Yue, Portia Williams, Joey Icaro and Flash McLightning.


Milex said...

It's really enthusiastic !

Anonymous said...

LOVING these images