Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jam Sutton's Fabulous Rollacoaster Fable

The new 12th issue of Rollacoaster magazine features a brilliant "fable of love, death, fucking and war in 17th Century Florence" by Jam Sutton, putting a modern artistic spin on Saint Sebastian and other religious themes with a sensual undertone.

Photography & post production: Jam Sutton | Digital Technician/Photo Assistant: Paolo Jones | Fashion Editor: Andrew Davis | Fashion Assitant: Sam Carder,  Nicco Torelli & Itunu Oke | Set design: Alun Davies | Hair: Liam Curran | Hair assistant: Sophie Cumming | Make Up: Lucy Bridge | Make Up Assistant: Oonah Anderson| Models: Jakob Y @ Select, Allen Taylor @ Select, Emil Therry @ Select, Bradley Griffiths @ Select, George Admiraal @ Models 1, Harry Rowley @ Models 1, Ashton @ AMCK, Tom @RippedModels, Ryan @RippedModels, Kieran @RippedModels, James @RippedModels, Jack, and Rogan O’Connor.


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