Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mrs. Malone by Louie Banks | FALUT

Louie Banks photographed the fabulously queer-friendly story "Mrs. Malone" for the latest issue of FAULT magazine featuring Oly Innes, Kurt Herbst, Solomon Thompson, Ash Stymest, Adam Wiseman, Glynn Famous, Tschan Andrews, Princess Julia, Dina Lux, Lou Bones, Jonbenet Blonde and Louie Banks.

The editorial was styled by Soki Mak with hair by Oskar Pera at Caren, makeup by Adam Burrell with Bunny Hazel Clarke and Heidi North and nails by Amy Atkins.


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Jacobus 323 said...

Really special, thanks! (No, not really special like the Church Lady used to say. I mean actually really special.