Saturday, October 24, 2015

Prince Charming is Dead | UmnO

'Prince Charming is Dead' from UmnO Magazine Fall 2015, The DISNEY Issue featuring models Martin Conte, Abiah Hostvedt, Jeremy Matos, Jack Manhood, Bence Farkas, Anatol Modzelewski, Justin Sterling, Alexander Wolf, Botond Cseke, Richard Detwiler, Alexander Barna, Spencer Hare, Alexandre Cadou, Nicolas Cadou, Flint Louis Hignett, Adonis Sabra, Karl Schneegans, Benjamin Brun, Merlin Barthelemy, Francois Durel, Paul Couturier, Younes Bendjima and Michael Bernasiak.


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MisterX said...

Second time I've seen an image from a porn set from a separate site included in a collection. Is that intention? Are studios trying to pass off DreamBoyBondage sets are portions of their newest collection?