Friday, January 8, 2016

"Black is the New Black" by Arno Roca

Photographer Arno Roca shares with us a collection of images he dubbed, "Black is the New Black", featuring models Pedro Carvalho, Igor Ramos, Murilo Tonhá, Sebastian, Thiddy Ferrelly, Mario Blanco, Renato Rangel, Johnny Marcondes, Ronald Chandra, Thiago Borges, Daniel Ferreira and Renan Corbani.

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joseph said...

Great art but with a little light more, I think it would be better !

Arno Roca said...

Dear Joseph thank you very Much ... Always meaningful to get feedback ;-)
Low key light is in purpose dark to focus on some model specific figure or face figure and let the rest of it as a mystery.

All the dark parts are for you imagination to recreate ...