Saturday, April 30, 2016

Exclusive Preview | Yearbook Annual 2016

Yearbook Fanzine is unveiling its new Yearbook Annual 2016 issue, released in a digital version on May 1st and a collectors print edition (2000 copies) that starts shipping from 11th May. Coming at 192 full color pages, the issue features photography by Barry Marré, Cameron McNee, Cesar Perin, David Gomez Maestre, Ian Cole, Jared Bautista, Jonas Huckstorf, Joseph Lally, Karl Simone, Nathan Best, Paco Peregrín, Patrick Lacsina, Sam Scott Schiavo and Terence Blakely. The featured models are Austin Smith at Next Models, Benjamin Nicolás, Bertalan Nagy at SAMtheagency, Daniel Bederov at Dulcedo, Derek Drummond at MSA Models, Domonkos Szendrei at SAMtheagency, Dorian Reeves at Model Models, George Elliott at Unsigned, Lázaro Ali, Malcolm Evans at New York Models, Maté Stefan at SAMtheagency, Max Masters at Wilhelmina NYC, Michael Morgan at Wilhelmina London, Morten Palm at Elite Copenhagen, Oliver Lewis & Robbie Beeser at New York Models, Will Hawkins at Soul Artist Mgmt, Will Eves at Unsigned Mgmt, Wouter, Zach Pagoda at MSA Models and Zander Hodgson at Lovestone. You can order your copy here.

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joseph said...

very nice choice in different kind of beauties and art of photography