Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Pietro Baltazar by Doug Inglish | Lust For Life

Brazilian model Pietro Baltazar is photographed by Doug Inglish and styled by Andrew Vottero in "Lust For Life" for the October 2018 issue no. 11 of Desnudo Homme magazine.

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Kevin said...

i hate to be "that guy" but OoooMmmmGggg, i hate the bleached hair. why would anyone with gorgeous dark hair go and bleach it out?

i guess i AM that guy.

joseph said...

I'm globally fan of this postage ; from very good (the pictures on the rocks and on the cover of the magazine ) to good ( pictures with coloured slips ) and I dont understand why there are here (the bad yellow jean and the " grecque armure") but what a terrific bum in the jean with the basketball ball!

adrian said...

I am a huge fan of this Brazilian model Pietro.... he's beautiful