Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Studies of Ricardo by Kevin Slack

"Ricardo is quiet and studious but not sullen. Still waters, maybe, rather than outright shyness. He enthusiastically volunteers to help me, finding me locations and models – which I appreciate so much," photographer Kevin Slack explains about his set 'Studies of Ricardo, Centro Habana'. He continues, "This time, Ricardo confides that he wants to try a few nudes where my camera substitutes for my gaze, and even though we only have this space – here with Ricardo – for a too-short time, my camera lingers. Unlike other models perhaps, Ricardo doesn’t come at you all at once. Instead, like the surf maybe, Ricardo offers a steady and resistless pull." Ricardo is wearing a jockstrap by Modus Vivendi, with Marlon Solomon as a Stylist and Photography Assistant.

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joseph said...

Wil you know the body's music ? Just open the zip !