Monday, January 5, 2009

Crotchvertising Watches in ‘Radical Quick’ in Tush Mag


This is crotchvertising at its best. What is crotchvertising, you ask? It’s what I call when you use crotches to sell (in this case watches). This sexy crotchvertising (with a hint of pubic hair) is utilized to great effect by photographer Armin Morbach in the editorial ‘Radical Quick’ in Tush magazine. And who is the model who’s grabbing his crotch? That would be Michael D.



Click the below thumbnails for more sexy watch features.




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cakeandeatit said...

Its kinda difficult to focus on the watches with these pictures, specially the one with the yellow sweater, come on seriously!?!?!!?

Musc said...

mega cool post