Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mario Testino Takes D&G For a Cruise in Spring 2009 Ads



Dolce & Gabbana finally released the full set of their D&G Spring / Summer 2009 ads which were shot by Mario Testino at their site. I’ve been patiently awaiting them, and I must say that while they are good, they are not great. I certainly like their Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign by Steven Klein better. 



The models include Julien Quevenne, Danny Schwarz, Tobias Sørensen, Sebastian Lund, Zuzana Gregorova, Tom Warren, Brian Shimansky, Constance Jablonski, Imogen Morris-Clarke, Ariel Meredith, Tanya Dziahileva, Anna Gushina, and Cato Van Ee.



+ more Dolce & Gabbana

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