Sunday, February 1, 2009

Interview With Didio



You must be living under a virtual rock if you haven’t seen the work of Brazilian photographer Antonio Cesar Bezerra, who is commonly known as Didio. From the pages of Junior magazine & Terra’s The Boy to top blogs such as Made in Brazil, Charmants and OhLaLa Mag; his sensual images are everywhere.


Didio was very kind in granting Homotography an interview that sheds light about his photography, his life, and his hopes and ambitions. We start with an introduction about Didio and then present the interview with samples of his fantastic photography work. It was extremely hard to pick and choose which images to use from his vast archive.




When asked about his story with photography and his career Didio explained, “The male image and physique has always moved me. When I was young, I remember looking at those books of art from masters such as Michelangelo and others, and I was impressed and fascinated with the muscle, the body and its beauty. I studied fine arts, artistic design, painting, sculpture, and photography... Also, fashion always inspired and fascinated me, and at the beginning I thought I wanted to be a designer. I moved to São Paulo to study fashion and I worked as a designer for 15 years. During this period, I have photographed, more as a second career. I have worked as a professional photographer since 1995. Today, photography is my life, my devotion and religion. I love this universe that is full of male beauty that is powerful, it is a representation and personification of the gods. I think about the images all the time. The lights and shadows, how to bring the models and deliver natural images that are simple, intimate, hot, sensual... This is a bit of my little world, my passion, my madness.”




Homotography: What was your first professional camera and what model do you use now?

Didio: Here in Brazil it has always been very expensive to buy a professional camera and I did not come from a rich family, I always had to work to be able to buy my things. I remember I bought a Russian camera, very cheap. That was my first camera. I have since used many brands. Today, I prefer the Nikon film and digital equipment. Digital  is more practical as it allows me to do more tests. This leaves the children more comfortable because they can monitor the outcome of the photos.



H: Other than physical beauty, what attributes do you like to have in the models you shoot?

D: I love boys who are more sensual, more abused. I like models who work without labels, who try to create images without thinking or worrying about what other people are saying. I also like them to be cheerful and determined.



H: You shoot male models most of the time. Why don't you shoot more females too?

D: I have photographed many women. I still do. But I only put on my blog my passion, which is the male. I have photographed great female models such as Gisele Bündchen, Naomi and many other beautiful women. I love photographing powerful women who are like a femme fatale.


H: Are you interested in shooting commercials (like Steven Meisel and Bruce Weber for example) in addition to photography?

D: Yes, I want and need to do that. I'm trying to show and expose my work and seek ways to travel and do some wonderful work.



H: Do you usually plan and think about the photo shoot in advance, or do you prefer to go to the location and then decide how to shoot the model?

D: I think about photography and possibilities all the time. I keep a draft book where I record my ideas. When I have a photo shoot with a model, I take these drafts to use them. It is more palatable to plan and try to keep everything calm and organized.



H: Usually your models do not wear much, mostly underwear (which we like a lot :) Are you interested in fashion photography or do you prefer capturing human beauty without the fashion world complexities?

D: I always try to use my work experience for styling the shoot. But here in Brazil there are few good options for men's clothes. I learned over time that to have fewer people involved in the shoot with more models helps to focus more ... I love fashion and I do try using it in my photos, but it’s not that important.



H: Your photos are usually very soft, sensual, about beauty and romance. These days we see a lot of photography with violent and aggressive themes. What do you think of that?

D: It is a way. I am a man in love with life and men. I have other options to try to express that violence, such as martial arts, which is my other passion. I study karate and kung fu. Blood and weapons are things that are part of our nightmares, and I try to show love and beauty.



H: We regularly see your photos in Junior, Terra The Boy and so many other blogs and magazines. You shoot so many men. Do you know how many models you have photographed so far?

D: Hahhahahah. I have no idea. I think maybe I have taken pictures of about 1000 men, both youth and adults.



H: In addition to seeing more beautiful photos and more hot men, what can we expect from Didio? What are your projects in the near future? 

D: I am planning trips in Brazil and other countries. I would like to photograph male models with their male relatives. I also want to shoot a book about models and martial arts. Some magazines are calling me to start doing some photography projects. Unfortunately, the world is in economical crisis right now, and I will try to alleviate this by helping the male models here in Brazil who are generally poor and sometimes can not pay for photos.


I want to thank Homotography for this opportunity to express myself and show a little bit of my life and my little world through this interview.



We thank Didio for the interview and for capturing and sharing all this beauty. Make sure to visit Didio’s official site and blog.  



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interesting and beautiful and exciting and hot! thanks

martinkorben said...

i left a tab open for like a week in my browser to remember and read this interview -- well, today i found the time to and think you asked the right questions because didio ended up coming across as the super sweet person i expected him to be.