Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cheeky Bedside Lamp Has a Surprise For You!


Ok, so this is not photography related, but each now and then I will pepper the blog with random interesting posts to keep things exciting. The Bedside Lamp is designed by Matteo Cibic as part of his Bibelot Sexual series. The lamp has a hidden surprise integrated into the design. An adult toy made from medical-grade silicon and available in assorted colors is housed inside the lamp. When that toy is removed, the lamp switches from its default white light into a romantic red light to set up the mood. A perfect hideaway for those still living at home, just make sure mom doesn’t play with the lamp while cleaning.



The Bedside Lamp will be part of the Love Design exhibit which is set to take place between 22-27 April 2009 in Milan, Italy as part of Salone Del Mobile Exhibition. Twenty Designers are displaying designs related to Love in the exhibit.


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