Saturday, March 14, 2009

WTF :: Blame It on Robert Pattinson

(UPDATE): I removed the image of the  o.b. ad (it showed a vampire with two tampons as fangs) because I received an email from Rolf Jeger at Lowe requesting I do so, citing that the ad leaked to the net by mistake and was not supposed to be published. Considering that it landed in my WTF category, I understand why it wasn't supposed to be published :) In any regards, I kept the text below and you can enjoy the second part of this post which is about the Karen Walker Eyewear lookbook.


Ah, Robert Pattinson, what craziness have you started? This new ad from Johnson & Johnson  uses the blood-sucking angle to sell their… tampons. Yeah, two o.b. tampons are used as the fangs on the vampire in the ad. And while the notion of a vampire sucking your blood might be alluring and sexy, it is pretty disgusting when we’re talking about THAT blood… Hmmm… WTF!?


The yuckie ad was created by Draftfcb/Lowe Group (Zurich, Switzerland) with photography by Sandro Diener, graphics by Claudia Gaisser and art direction by Sebastian Hugelshofer.



But not all vampire-inspired ads got it wrong. Take for example the fantastic and fun Spring/Summer 2009 lookbook for the Karen Walker Eyewear collection. Dubbed ‘Celebrate The Sun’, the lookbook features the models with their fangs out, because even vampires  need to celebrate the sun with UV protection… Photography by Derek Kettela.



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