Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Rollacoaster Ride With Mariano Vivanco & Reid Prebenda


Mariano Vivanco is one of those rare fashion photographers whose work not only presents candy for our eyes, but a depth and story that evokes emotions and thought as well. In addition to his acclaimed photography, Mariano has become famous for shooting fun inspired short films. Who could forget the film he did with Regan Hall, where he captured David Gandy singing in his Dolce & Gabbana briefs?



Last year, Mariano shot this captivating film (see video below) with our model of the month Reid Prebenda to help launch upcoming Internet magazine Rollacoaster.



Mario Vivanco kindly gave Homotography a quote about this film. Mariano explained, "The film is about REM, the rapid eye movement we all have just before we wake up, otherwise known as dreams.  Here I explore the sensual and fashion fantasies of a young man just before he wakes up.”



“Working with Reid was a great pleasure as he was very responsive and intelligent.  It was fun recording all his moods and emotions during the whole day," Mariano Vivanco told Homotography about his experience shooting Reid in this film.



I fell in love with this film the first time I saw it many months ago, but I have gained a new appreciation after learning the concept and idea that Mariano was communicating. Also, it was wonderful to see the playful and mischievous side of Reid. He often has regal and introspective poses in editorials, so it was nice to see him loosening up and be over the top here.



My thanks to Mariano Vivanco and his assistant Pierce for the help with the information for this post. Enjoy the video.




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dave peterson said...

I like the shots of him in the sun best. But I wanted it to be slower, and the music doesn't compliment it at all.

xxx said...

this is beautiful!!!