Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mariano Vivanco Focuses On Sexy Ryan Bertroche


Super sexy is an understatement of these new shots of ReQuest model Ryan Bertroche by  Homotography favorite Mariano Vivanco. The images ooze sensuality and sex appeal, and I am really digggging that sweater (kudos to stylist Shun Watanabe).


And we must say hello to Mariano’s new blog. One of the many reasons that I love Mariano and his usual partner in crime Nicola Formichetti, is that they make their new work easily accessible. They really get it, unlike many who make it difficult with small images and big watermarks that ruin the beauty of the image. Other creatives on the scene who deserve kudos for sharing their work include Tom Munro, Mario Testino, Joseph Bleu, Tony Duran, and Didio.



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xxx said...

sexy indeed

Latelygay said...

Love the toussled hair. Nice setting and what an amazing jumper!