Monday, July 27, 2009

Photography Spotlight :: Josh McNey’s Cowboys & Angels


I was recently contacted by photographer Josh McNey and upon checking his portfolio I was instantly drawn to his natural and raw images. There is a sense of intimacy and an emotional depth that the former United States Marine, who spent several years with a special operations unit, beautifully portrays in his images.



Perhaps Josh’s sociology degree from Columbia University plays a factor in the psyche of his images. Or maybe its the fact that he grew up in Westlake Village, to the west of Los Angeles with three brothers, and started taking pictures of them skating and surfing at a young age.



“Aside from a semester-long photography class in junior high school and another one in high school, I have no formal art training,”  Josh McNey told Homtography. “That said, I would still consider myself an avid student of art history and art technique.”



Josh explained that the majority of his work deals with masculinity, how it’s viewed and the ways it’s performed. He is currently photographing cowboys and working on a project with the writer, Alistair McCartney. Alistrair wrote a wonderful review about Josh’s talent here.



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Stephen Turton said...

Lovely subtle sensual delights