Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Human Clock by Romain Laurent For WAD Mag #41 Cover


French photographer Romain Laurent is one of the most creative photographers on the scene today when it comes to unusual art direction that makes your eye pop. Take his work on the new cover of issue #41 of WAD mag, for example. The front cover (below) shows an analog clock made of human legs and arms, while the back cover (above) shows what’s going on behind that shot (underwear-clad 3 females and 4 hunks). The retouching was done by Jose Alves / Le Moulin de Doc.


This reminds me of the recent amazing Human Furniture (see here) and the Swatch ad that had men working inside the watch (see here).



Romain recently did another creative front/back cover combo for issue #39 of WAD Mag. The A was on the front cover, and the Z was on the back.



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