Friday, October 9, 2009



Mario Testino pays homage to Rio De Janeiro’s ‘sexual freedom and lust for life’ with a new photography book, MaRIO DE JANEIRO Testino. The 200-pages book features the photography of Testino with a foreword by singer/songwriter Caetano Veloso, an introduction by actress/TV personality Regina Case, and an essay by Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Gisele also stars on the cover of the book and inside it.



“When I was 14, on holiday, and going from my house to the beach and seeing everyone walk everywhere in their tiny bathing suits the girls and boys were so sexy and carefree and wild I just could not believe it,” explains the famous photographer. 



The book comes with a plastic jacket for beach reading available in yellow, orange or red, inspired by the vivid colors of Rio’s sunsets.


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Rene Schaller said...

The book is in stores NOW!!! So buy it!

Homotography said...

Maybe its out where you live Rene, but its not out yet in USA or UK, you can pre-order it though.