Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Interview with Maurizio Fiorino



Boys, boys, boys… we love them! And so does Italian photographer Maurizio Fiorino with whom we have the pleasure of a special interview here. Join us in this sneak peek into the world of Maurizio and his ‘ragazzi di vita’,  boys of life.



Let's go back to the start, how did your story with photography begin?

I started taking pictures of my self when I was 12. For ten years I just took selfportraits in my room in Calabria. I am an extremely shy person and it was difficult for me to ask someone to pose for me. Then, when I turned 22 years old, I started to take pictures of my friends and my lovers. I still remember the first time, it was amazing. I went home and I started crying. It was as if I felt alive for the first time in my life.



Describe the ideal model for Maurizio Fiorino.

He's around 19 years old, and he's from the south of Italy. He's tall, beautiful… and he smells of sea.



I've recently seen your photo with Terry Richardson. Tell us about the photographers you admire, and those who influenced your photography style.

I love Terry Richardson. I think he's a genius, and of course he influenced my work a lot. Actually, I think he influenced all the new generation of photographers. But Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin are my mentors. Arbus is the biggest photographer ever!



In addition to your official site, your Boys of Life blog is a delicious dose of male eye candy. Tell us more about your vision for this blog.


I decided to work on Boys of Life years ago, after I read the romance of Pasolini. And now I am finishing this project, I want to do more intimate photos. Pasolini was too Catholic… I want to be more dirty.



What's the best and worst thing about living in NYC, and do you miss Italy?

Well, I am in Italy right now. NYC is an amazing city but I prefer, for example, San Francisco. And Bologna, my second hometown, the city of Pasolini and Tortellini.



What can Maurizio Fiorino fans expect in the near future? Any upcoming exhibits or projects? 

I am working on a huge project. It's gonna take years of my life, and I really believe in it. It's all about South Italy and Greek boys. My ancestors!



Greek boys through Italian eyes sounds perfect to us, and we can’t wait to see the results. Homotography thanks Maurizio Fiorino for the interview and images. Make sure to visit his site, blog and Boys of Life project.



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Gaby said...

Oh, great. Yet another gay man who can't grow up and leave adolescence behind! Makes us all look bad.

Homotography said...

I disagree Gaby. Bruce Weber is a phenomenal photographer who still likes to shoot young people, is he stuck in adolescence? No.

Mavis Ang said...

fucking sexy.

xxx said...

Beautiful boys

Gaby said...

This is your blog, and I don't wish to be difficult. Bruce Weber has always done plenty of photography with various types of models, non-models, and 'celebrities', not just naked teens and barely grown men. I am referring to those gay men who seem only interested in adolescence and post-adolescence,which Maurizio's photography seems to indicate as if life after that is awful. I think it is an extremely bad attitude to have. Its just an opinion based on my life experience with gay men and my observations. I do think this photographer has great potential and seems like a nice person. Certainly the boys are beautiful. I was just expressing a bit of disappointment when he said his ideal is around 19. What's going to happen to his as he grows older and older? There are too many gay men making fools of themselves dressing like kids and paying kids to go to bed with them as it is.

Matthias said...

First of all Maurizio has an amazing esthetic in his photos, it's just a pleasure to look at them. Second, I think taking photos of young guys is part of the history of photography! I LOVE IT!!!

The Daley Post said...

how can I get an invite to his Boys of Life blog?
bodywork1@gmail. om