Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NinetyFive Chapel Market by Mariano Vivanco


Named after the address of his first London apartment, the book NinetyFive Chapel Market is a look at the early work of photographer Mariano Vivanco (one of Homotography’s all time favorites) through portraits of famous models and actors at the start of their own career as well. 



A young David Gandy, Sienna Miller, Jamie Dornan, Lily Cole, and many more, passed through Mariano’s apartment. Along with their photographer, they all went on to achieve tremendous success in their career. 



Released in 2008, the book is not available on the US Amazon, so you’ll have to get it on Amazon UK.



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stells and co. said...

Love it!

JB said...

Who is the 2nd one down facing the window? Would like to see more of him, please.

JB said...

The 3rd one up on the left is also interesting.