Wednesday, January 6, 2010

abnegation by luigi&luca

‘Modern life is based on self-abnegation, but in an opposite sense from the religious way. We deny a part of ourselves not to achieve something higher, but to merely forget about it. That part we renounce cannot really be called an attainment of progress, but the result of another failing religion.’ -luigi&luca



After giving us sneak peaks in recent issues of Kurv and Pref mag, luigi&luca unveil their Abnegation series on 21st of January at Berlin Fashion Week. The project is a collaboration with German designers Bless, Starstyling, A.D.Deertz, JuliaandBen, Butterflysoulfire, Claus Bykowski, and Elena Meyer-Ginsberg. And in case you couldn’t make it, the duo shares with us a preview of some of the images.


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