Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visual Retrospective | Tony Duran




This special post collects all our Tony Duran features in one place, and it will be continuously updated with new stories. Clicking any of these small thumbnails will take you to the complete feature.




+ see visual retrospective of Weber | Vivanco | Slimane | Klein | Testino


Mr. Haer said...


I come here every now and then, and I was really 'wow'ed by your layout for this post. However did you make your images clickable like that?? I'm terribley impressed and I'd really like to know how this was done as I'd love to try it out myself. Could you please respond here, or send me a message or however it's done on blogger? Thank you!

Homotography said...

Hi Haer, thanks I am glad you enjoyed this post and its layout. I basically used small images and link each one to the original post, to make it easy to 'preview' all these posts in one place.