Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gay America by Scott Pasfield


Photographer Scott Pasfield shares with us his project ‘Gay America,’ a road trip of sorts in which he visited out and proud gay men across the states of America. Starting in February 2008 and finishing in Hawaii a couple weeks ago, Scott has made it to all states, a journey in which he drove over 26,000 miles and flew about the same distance. Capturing the men at their home element in over a hundred shoots, Scott’s images tell a story where the personal and political become one. More after the jump. 



+ visit Scott’s site to see more and read the story behind each image



yoshi said...

If he cares about gay rights so much why is it limited to gay male men?

gregory said...

Pasfield quote, CNN NEWS, : "starting with yourself is often a great way to conceive a project. I used the internet to find my subjects in every conceivable way I could think of to reach people, but it worked because I was a gay man looking for gay men in online communities that were set up for us. I soon realized the power of actually being part of the world I was trying to photograph. I tried putting my ad up for lesbians in lesbian chat rooms, but if you want to see an ad flagged/deleted quickly, that's how you do it. I would have had to masquerade or hire someone to connect me to women. And that is something I did not want to do.

I would love nothing more than to do "Lesbian in America." I feel compelled to do it. I am ready to step out of my world and at least try. I hope I can convince the same team to make that book. There will always be people who will say that a gay man can't and shouldn't do that project, but I simply disagree with that now, after doing "Gay in America." It's all about getting goosebumps from people's stories, making friends and taking great portraits. Why not me? I think it is very possible and I welcome the challenge."