Friday, March 5, 2010

The Players of Rick Day


NYC-based Rick Day released his photography book Players [ US | UK ] almost a year ago. A celebration of the athletic male body, the scantly clad models were armed with sports gear, an underwear here and a jockstrap there. More previews of this delicious book after the jump. 



+ buy Rick’s photo books Players [ US | UK ] &  Pioneers [ US | UK ]

+ see more book previews | Rick Day | Sports | Underwear features



GnER said...

Hot and beautifull i want!

Unknown said...

that second to last pic of the guy in the jock on his stomach is AMAZING! I love his hairy legs and ass! Im in desperate lust~

Unknown said...

i am in love with everything on this site it is fdresh captivating and i love it if your ever lookin for amatuers im def available cacebook e cameron scott black cleveland ohio 8)much love

Stephanie said...

Geezus. I have never seen so many beautiful men before in my life! Breathtaking photos.