Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sports Heroes by Sam Scott Schiavo



The popular sports theme gets a retro twist on the hands of Sam Scott Schiavo with a nod to the Olympic competitions of yesteryears in the new August/September 2010 issue no. 14 of Name It magazine.



In addition to photographer Sam Scott Schiavo, the creative team behind ‘Sports Heroes’ includes, Fashion Editor: Adia Trischler | Fashion Assistant: Jasmin Atabay | Make Up: Christopher Koller | Hair: Patrick Glatthaar | Producer: Harald Wegerer | Video Director: Michael Brus. The featured models are Lorenz Krisai [Wiener], Johannes Gökler [Body&Soul], Andrea Paoli [Tempo], Florian A. [Wiener], Godfrey Egbon [Stella] and Patrick Melech [Stella].



Here's the making of clip, directed by Michael Brus




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