Monday, September 27, 2010

Mitch Norris by Steven Klein | Factory Boy



Steven Klein captures model Mitch Norris as a 'Factory Boy' in the new Fall/Winter 2010-11 issue of GQ Style UK, styled by David Bradshaw in pieces from the Calvin Klein Collection.


via TFS

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Richard said...

although, i find his images beautiful as a few others on this site, yet, it begs the question in this culture or creative milieu -- why be attached to someone if your work is supposedly credible unto itself?? perhaps, that is why i have left some commentary on your site (as others) putting into question -- the stagnant to stale realm of simple marketing cliches and where any semblance of creative voice lies outside of my experience yesterday when someone put spanish fly on their dog's cock and it seemed like that rabid disgust with a dawg incapable of keeping its metaphoric zipper clenched -- hence, the world is saturated with advertising/promotional crap that has no regard for how filthy much of the water, air, and soil on the planet have become. have a beautiful day.

Andy Mack said...

Richard, it's great to share this space with you - you are clearly one of the more perspicacious readers of Homotography.