Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tom Lander by Mariano Vivanco | EY! Magateen



Mariano Vivanco captured the sexy Tom Lander for the latest issue of EY! Magateen. The images are accompanied with an interview where the Select model (born on 17th August, 1992 in Billinge, United Kingdom) tells us his favorite body part, perfume, and what he thinks of Lady Gaga and Mariano, which you can find out after the jump.



What do you usually have for breakfast?

Cereal like Weetabix with bananas and berries, also a glass of orange or apple juice.


What do you study?

I studied at a semi-professional football club. I always wanted to play football, but I have nerve damage in my back called sciatica which stopped me from playing.


Which part of your body do you feel most proud of?

My legs, because I have been playing football most my life they are very strong and muscular!


What’s you favorite perfume, fragrance or cologne?

Calvin Klein ck IN2U. Amazing smell, helps with the ladies too…


What’s the one thing you like most about your country?

The night life. Even though I am not 18 I have experienced some very good nights out!


What do you think about Lady Gaga?

Incredible. She found a gap in the market and completely smashed it.


Did you enjoy working with Mariano Vivanco for EY! Magateen?

I always love working with Mariano! I had previously worked with him and we had a really good laugh! (editor’s note: see more of Tom by Vivanco here & here)



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