Monday, November 29, 2010

La Panthère Ose by Tom Ford



Tom Ford photographs Ford model Crystal Renn as a cougar recovering from plastic surgery in the editorial La Panthère Ose. And what do you know, a threesome with young and boyish models Adam Abraham and Jozef Exner seems to be the best cure for the surgery pains. Appearing in the Dec/Jan 10.11 issue of Vogue Paris, the editorial is styled by Carine Roitfeld.


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mr bond said...

uuu! it's like japanese injury fetish kegadoru..nice

Your French Patrick said...

In French, we say "cougar" for middle-aged women who go to bed with much younger boy.

The title uses "Panthère" (= Panther) to make a play on words with the title of the film the "Pink Panther" (= La panthère rose) with "ose" (= dare) instead of "rose" (= pink)

Kind regards.