Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boxes by Milan Vukmirovic

Milan Vukmirovic  paid tribute to iconic and controversial photographer Will McBride in issue no. 13 of L'Officiel Hommes magazine two years ago with the editorial ‘Boxes’. While McBride had his models nude in boxes, Milan let his keep their underwear on.

The featured models are  Niels Raabe, Alex Gilbert, Florian Bourdila, Tyler Riggs, Ben Waddell, Oscar Spendrup, Francisco Carrion, Gustaf McMahon, Axel Tiderman, Markus Surrey, and Victor Norlander


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Andy Mack said...

They say that Will McBride's series of "Boxes" for Twen magazine in the late 1960's has been much imitated, but this set by Milan Vukmirovic - with a battalion strength team of models - must be the best yet - there are some beautifully expressive photos here.