Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Die Antwoord by Sebastian Kim



Photographer Sebastian Kim lensed South African music act Die Antwoord for the recent October 2010 issue of Interview magazine.



Here is their latest video, 'Evil Boy'. Warning, very explicit & slightly homophobic




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Richard said...

in a manner i love the photos until i get down to the homophobia but that unto itself would be evil just as glbt hypocrites have been, right?? is that south africa?? spin spin sugar -- lovely removed from hatred. strange like friendly fire.

Un tipo said...

Marvelous pictures !!

Unknown said...

Do your research ... its NOT homophobic... its ANTI- Xhosa Initiation.... which kills young teenage boys who are forced through a cultural ritual of foreskin removal.... under the pretense that it will make you a man.... and that if you have homosexual tendencies, will heal you... which is of course bullshit.