Friday, September 16, 2016

Joseph Lally's NY Diary

Photographer Joseph Lally collaborated with Client Magazine x Yearbook Fanzine on a special visual diary of intimate shoots that took place in NYC from October 2015 till recently. The 302-page digital diary features 36 new faces and established models in various states of undress, styled by Matthew Ellenberger (with guest stylists Matthew Marden, Leo Max & Julien Sauvalle). The featured models are Cameron Neckers at Ford Models, Iggy Kolomiyets at One Mgmt, Ryan Tift at Ford Models, Alex Sewall at Ford, Will Hawkins at Soul Artist Mgmt, Braeden Wright at Soul Artist Mgmt, Bertold Zahoran at Soul Artist Mgmt, Alijah Harrison at Soul Artsit Mgmt, Sahib Faber at Soul Artist Mgmt, Kris Koslop at Soul Artist Mgmt, Spencer Zender at Ford Models, Noel at Ford Models, Li Ming at Ford Models, Ryan Mertz at Soul Artist Mgmt, Brad Murphy, Matthew Rondeau at Soul Artist Mgmt, James Collins at Ford, Corey Marau at Q Models, Kris Kranz at Wilhelmina, Antonio Russo at Request Models, Alex Valley at Soul Artist Mgmt, Sebastian Quinn, Corey Saucier at Ford Models, John Kenney at Wilhelmina Models, Don Hood at DNA, Robert Mull at MSA Models, Matthew Lenhart at MSA Models, Paul Molnar at MSA, Grant Gulla at MSA Models, Phillip Landis at DT Models, Justin Halley at DNA Models, Conor Fay at MSA Models, Vince Kowalski at Click/Request Models, Max Prive at Red Models and Brieuc Breitenstein. You can get your copy HERE.

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joseph said...

"The good, the best and the ugly", juste une question de goût !