Thursday, September 22, 2016

Russian Gods 2017 by Serge Lee

Photographer Serge Lee unveiled his new 2017 B&W calendar 'Russian Gods' featuring russian models Oleg Tsugulea, Vitaliy Zdanovich, Dato Foland, Matvey Voskrebentsev, Konstantin Kamynin (aka Kirill Dowidoff), Sergey Franko, Anton Prostyakov, Evgeniy Grigorev, Stepan Pereverzev, Ivan Gudkov, Alexandr Timokhin, Alex Komelin, Vladimir Fedorchenko and Taras Bandrovskyi.


Claude Remains said...

The book should be retitled Russians on steroids!!!

joseph said...

I don't see more steroîd than other athletic boys as US or Jamaïcan sprinters ...and the second "God" has perfect body, only!