Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best of 2008: Dogging by Steven Meisel

Homotography’s Best of 2008 feature wouldn’t be complete without the editorial that was too controversial to be printed in Vogue Italia yet was published in V Magazine. An American magazine had the guts to publish something that was too racy for Vogue Italia, the home of the most shocking and controversial editorials? Funnily enough, the editorial did not have ANY nudity. Not even nipples or ass shots. Rather, it was the subject matter that scared Vogue Italia.

The ‘Dogging’ editorial by photographer Steven Meisel and fashion editor Andrew Richardson, which was published in the November/December issue (V56) of V Magazine, tackled a controversial practice that has been on the rise in the UK particularly. In short, dogging involves couples having sex in semi-public places where others can watch, record, and sometimes join.

The models featured in ‘Dogging’ are Anna Maria Jagodzinska, Anna Selezneva, Daul Kim, Iris Strubegger, Naty Chabanenko, Alban Blondiaux, Callum Turner, Duran Bunch, Jeremy Simpson, Rory Greer, Stephen Mabry, and Tyler Riggs.

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