Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homofashion WTF: Romain Kremer Fall 2009


If I said WTF once about the eccentric D&G jacket, I have to say WTF x 10 about the new men’s Fall 2009 collection by French designer Romain Kremer. I guess the positive thing about it is that guys can still flaunt their hard-earned body during the fall and winter. But really, WTF?!



And if you’re wondering if this is a phase. No, it is not. Check out Kremer’s recent Spring 2009 collection (which was styled by the fantastic Nicola Formichetti) to see that this is how the man really designs :)



See the complete S/S 09 runway video:




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Emily said...

Agreed, this collection is very worthy of a WTF?!

But... I love your blog!! And Gareth Pugh = ♥


dirtyflaws said...

my new favorite blog - linking if you dont mind xo